Deckover VS. Plastering

What Does Each Swim Cost?

First, What does my pool cost to maintain?

Most average-size diving pools cost at least $2,500 per year.

So, If you swim 3 times per year, Each Swim Costs $833!


Why Re-Plaster?

Look at the space you gain by covering your pool with Deckover!

Consider the costs and maintenance headache. If the pool actually gets used, then re-plaster.

If it's not being used, then consider Deckover!

If you re-plaster, consider that...

Sometimes, the swimming pool contractor may exaggerate the efficiency or effectiveness of the equipment.

Remember that when you re-plaster, the money pit goes on.

Has the cost of any of these items gone up in your area?

What will those prices be 5 years from now?

Is it difficult to find someone to take care of it while you are gone?

Not only do the costs continue, but so does the headache.