History of Deckover

Deckover is a small family owned business located in Phoenix, Arizona. The business was opened in January 2001 as a home remodeling business. In 2007, the business switched over to dedicated deck building, most of which is done over a pool.

Jeff, the owner, grew up in Ohio, helping his father and grandfather with the family construction business. In the early 70's he moved to Arizona with his parents. Through working with his father in commercial construction and steel fabrication, Jeff learned the dedication and details of this type of work.

Deckover is a "dba" of Apple Homes, Inc. Apple Homes, Inc. had been doing remodeling for several years. The Deckover portion began as a special request of one of Jeff's customers. Here are the problems they were encountering.

A few years prior to this request, Jeff's stepfather (Mel, a retired engineer) had designed, then built the predecessor of today's deck for his own pool. With help from Mel, and with Jeff's construction knowledge, he put together a standard design and proposal. With that plan he showed his first deck customer, and the rest is history.

From then on, we began to see a great need for such a product and it has slowly grown over the years to the current level.

In the recent past, Deckover has created great advances in pool decks which have created improvements in durability, and beauty of the pool decks, while lowering the costs.

Deckover pool covers are the solution to these common problems and can help you!

**Recently DECKOVER has been selected as one of the few companies that does warranty work for TREX and Louisiana Pacific brands of composite decking in this area.